Passage osaka
ApartmentForeigners Welcome Studio Apartment, Osaka city, Japan



Quick tour from Hanshin Chibune Station to Passage 1

Near Hanshin Chibune Station, there are Banks, bookstore, cafe, 100yen shop, fast food, and more.
Tihune Hospital,Tihune Clinics Right next to that station, Chibune General Clinic has a variety of profession.
Also right next to the Station, a Grocery store opens until after mid-night.
You can get to a convenient store by walking one minute from the station to the north.
North of Hanshin Chibune Station, along the Route 2 there is a kindergarden and a large park. Very friendly atmosphere, surrounded by trees.
In Shin-tsukuda park, you see people practicing Taijiquan (traditional Chinese shadow boxing) in the early morning, and there are local Bon festival dance and Danjiri festival in summer.
Another Park over 8394 sq meters. Athletic equipments are available.
Passage I is located across the street from this large park right next to Kanzaki-River.This park is across the street from Passage I. Enjoy the view.