Passage osaka
ApartmentForeigners Welcome Studio Apartment, Osaka city, Japan



Quick tour from JR Mitejima Station to Passage 2

The closest station for Passage 2 is JR Mitejima Station (Tozai Line). About 7 min from Kitashinch station, very convenient location.
Just south of the station, there is a ward office and a library.
Right between the station and passage 2, there is a local grocery store. Open at 10:00 Am and close at 8:00 PM. Sells fresh ready-to-eat dishes. other grocery store is located just north of the station.
LIFE supermarket is build diagonally across the street from Passage 2 apartment. There is a daily goods department on the second floor of the apartment. The area has become much more convenient.
Across the street from passage 2, bento shop is there. within 30 sec walk. very fair place and good bento.
There is a dry-cleaner's shop with laundromat beside Passage 2 apartment.
Right side of the picture, brown building is Passage II mansion. First floor has a clinic and a pharmacy. Only 5 min to the station. Major banks and a large police station are on the way to here.